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Feb 1, 2013 2:00am PST
. mr. hasse, arriving at work about 8:00 yesterday morning in this very parking lot. according to the police chief, a slight altercation, perhaps somebody waiting for him, and he was simply shot dead. there has been a lot of speculation, was this tied to his work at the courthouse, cases he prosecuted. the prosecutors, about 13 of them, they handle hundreds of cases, but his bosses say they don't know exactly what is behind this, but there are certain inherent risks of the job. >> simply the nature of the beast, when you deal with bad people on a regular basis, there is always the potential to do something bad, because they already did something bad to somebody else. >> that said, they aren't sure if this has to do with his case work. no death threats at the time. prosecuted duis, lots of drugs, and some white supremacist type of people. they have no idea, john, who, why he was killed, an update later on this morning on how the investigation is going on. >> drew griffin, thank you for being with us. >>> in another developing story, rescuers have pulled a survivor from the rubbl
Feb 1, 2013 8:00pm PST
in a desperate attempt to track down the killer who shot and killed mark hasse. a kaufman county assistant district attorney gunned down in the courthouse parking lot yesterday morning. a friend tells cnn hasse feared for his life. he had begun carrying a gun in and out of work and going out a different exit every day because of his fear. drew griffin is "outfront" with the latest. >> reporter: there has been so little leads in this investigation, late this afternoon, the sheriff's department actually cancelled a press conference they were going to have because there's basically nothing to report. you can see the anguish on these law officers' faces. this morning when they had to come out and say, after 24 hours or so, there were no significant advances in finding who did this. part of the frustration is it happened in broad daylight, 9:00 a.m. in the morning, at a parking lot right across from a downtown court nauhouse in kauf texas. there were lots and lots of witnesses. but what the witnesses talk, according to police, varies so wildly that they don't even know the race of the perpetrat
Feb 25, 2013 5:00pm EST
the neighhorhood association hass - worked hard toocurb violence. officiils... continue to investigate... a... fire innanne arundel pountt... that seet... twoo & peeple to the hospital last night. - 3flames... brokk out... inside a hooe... on wooo ssteet ... sunday ... near... patrick henryydrrve... in brooklyn..../ two victims... were found on phe front vvctim... suffered severe burns... and... is... in -3 criiical condition.../ the... other victim's condition... is unknnww. &p3 4:14:3994::4:54"one of the guus, his ace was burnt, hhs hair was gone and the guyynext door, on thh other side, he &pwenttinside o try to hell and i guess heecouldd't breathe & because he was cooghing so he just got takee away in an ambulance." ambulance."officiaas... don't... have a cause... for phe ire.../ but do say ...there were canniiters of xygen inside the house. 3&p a fire... in... p-g county.... claims... &panother... life..../ 11 yyar....yeaa oldd.. night...//.she... waa ppulled... from the fire
Jan 31, 2013 5:00pm PST
pelley. >> pelley: good evening. veteran prosecutor mark hasse was on his way to work this morning. he parked where he usually did for a short walk to the courthouse in kaufman county just southeast of dallas. witnesses say that masked men intercepted hasse and shot him to death. the motive is unknown, but investigators are looking at hasse's cases, which have included drug dealers and organized cr
Jan 31, 2013 5:30pm PST
. >> kaufman county assistant district attorney mark hasse was shot multiple times in the parking lot a block from the courthouse. police are looking for one or possibly two suspects witnesses say were dressed in black. police say there was a very short confrontation between gunmen and haas just before the attack. county judge bruce wood. >> just an outstanding person individually, but he was also just a very well-known and very well-respected prosecutor for the district attorney's office. this is just a horrible situation, a horrible tragedy. >> reporter: the 57-year-old hasse had been a prosecutor in the county d.a.'s office for three years. he was earlier a prosecutor in dallas, where he worked on mob cases. investigators do not have a motive, but they described the shooting as a "targeted attack." >> certainly, we have the police, the front line people on the streets, but whenever it goes to murdering a prosecutor like this, that... that takes it to the next level. >> reporter: kaufman county district attorney mike mcclellan says hasse prosecuted hundreds of cases. what's the part about t
Feb 8, 2013 5:30am EST
hass found cases not only n & harford,,but anne arunnel, - montogomery and howarddand baltimore ccunties. ust last towson cashing checks stolen ffom womennin howard countyy in harford county... we found a bank" that's gone assfar s posting a fraud alert n its website to arn its customers. not only does it identify the gang as seeking oot local & viitiis... it explains how it's happening...and ways to ps place our purse n he trunkii possible just leave your credii cards and id at home.never llave youu car idling and unattenddd.and be 3 12:58:46 and your belief that the park ii a safe area we want it to be we certainly 33&pjust think thisswon't happen to ttee becauss t's a park. but it's that vuulerability hopkins ssys of beingg somewhere serene that these crimmnalsprey on. in harford ccuntyyjoy lepola fox 45 news at ten. 3 two months agg... 10 people... identified &pas embers of the "felony lane" gang were indicted.thhy faaed federaa charges in harrisbbrg... pennsylvania. 3 cooing up in thh six o'ccock hour... we''l
Feb 6, 2013 9:00am EST
for you... he also hass our othee too stories of the 3 p report ffoecasting 3 stability was juut leakeddto the associated press.and it doesnt' lookkgood. -3 good.the reporttwas prepared by philadelphha-bassd... public financial managgmmnt million dollars in budget deficits over tte nexx pecade... duee o a wideningg gap bbtween projeeted revenes & and expeeditures.if you add in -3 the citt's infrastructure needs and aalo it's liibiiity forrrrtiree health care &pbenefits... the tooal -3 dollars over 100yyaas.the report goes on to say thht baltimmre's city goveenment -& avoid bannruptcy. -3 p3 we now baltimmre has delt with bbdget deeicits before. you mmy emember ciiy &pgovernment closed a $121 million dollar buget gap in 20-10... bb enacting sooe new taxee... likeethe ttxxon bottled beverages and hiiher hotel and arking levies.but & expertsssay hooe were one- time fixes... and didd't address the loog-term sttuuttal imbalance.the 3 report... prepaaed smilar 3 phiiaaelphia... pittsburgh aad d-c.tte news is expected to be released to the ublic at &
Feb 6, 2013 5:30pm EST
with yourrtaxdollars.they - pwrr supposed to rebuild a state ooficc complex ii paltimore. but a judge hass -3 deciddd the deal waa done illegglly - becauseeittwas neverrprooprry puu out for bid. insteaa he contract was 3 ddvelopers whoohappen to bbe friends, colleagues, or campaign contributors of - governorro'malley. 3 and according to emails obbained bb ffx 55.. it appears the overnor himself approved the teaam- even to tte board of public wwrks.a deal so questiinabll -- hht even developers ttemselves wonneeed if it was legal. one f them reeerred to it s & oo the facts and misleading.""- duriig the llwsuit - statt officials refusee tt hand over -3 mmst of the documents the judged ordereddttem o. and some of the emails thee did turnover to plaintiffs, weree -&pprrsented inncryytic h-t-m-- code....which the judge told transparancy that has some -3 legal eeperts concerned. < "it adds to tte llvel of complete distrust the average lay person alreedy has for is supposed to represent the interest of thh people when they start just hanging out with the develo
Feb 10, 2013 10:00pm EST
orleans...ww've got - something every ravenssfans should see... &psee... and joe flacco hass been whisked around the world siice his mvp performance... prom disney to fashion eek... hear from the avvns quarterback every step of the way...sports unlimited sttrts &p
Feb 11, 2013 5:30pm EST
? tonighttbrandi proctorr hass our traffic edge report. -3 report. 3 map greenspringlibertybat natl pike shawan 3 395 p3 he... 3 niiersitt of & maryland... ii... once again ranked... as onn of the top party schools... in but.... don't be fooled... byy headliness...// & 3 "sounds of the vault/etc" paalt/ett" maaylaad's gymkana -3 team started in the 1940's... in college parr .... and performee everywwere... ffom hhlffime showw, ...// all ...ssunts... and athletic feats are performed by ccrrent 3 drug, alcohol and tobacco free..../// thee.. - group... added....some events... like theseeaerial skklls.../ holdiig onto pabove...//. we... talkedd & to... a first year member... about learning ...and trying new skills. 3 743 first time i got on this impossiblllity for mee didn'' hav ethe core musclls 3 you work at ii and get wwat yyu woor at. & 3 gymkana is pen to ll studdnns and ttey never urn anyone away. 3 3 anotter step in hh jerry of tte late footbbll coach
Feb 14, 2013 5:00pm EST
" rann sayy "..piitorius' court hearing was originally scheduleddfor thursday afternoonn....but hass & been postponed until work. in nnw york,,elizabeth prann, fox news." 3 an article... last yeer... in &pthe new york times magazine... dessribedd 3 to search his home.../ &p when hiisalarm went off,.../ tte... night ábefoorá... the interview...///.at... the suggestioo... of pistoriis, .../ - pe... aadd where they firedd atttaarets... with... a.. 9-milimeter pistol. two people... taken hostagee.. by aa -3 man... believed to be &pchristopperrdorner... are... ppeaking outt out.jim and karen eynolds... own ...mountaii vista resort.../ . where dornee.... -3 aalegedly... took over &pinto a gun battleewith -3 deputies...///.the... couppe say... he showed uu... at the resort... - tuesday.../ & pointed... a un aa them ...before tyyng them up. -3 3 karee reynolds saas: "he had his gun drawn the whole time." jim rrynolls says: "he had t
Feb 18, 2013 11:00pm EST
'll take to upperclassmenreninstattd... junior guard peshon howard hass placed howard back on tte team ssaurday's in over duke..he, along witt sennor james padgett have been stripped oo their captancies, too...oach mark turgeoo has not saad what pccured, only saying it was a 3 you can see maryland's next game on ouursisttr station the c-w baltiiore...terps visit c-w altimore. pack ere in baltimore...coac 33 ghreyhoundscan makeeit a second straighh 20 win ssason witha victory sattrday ovee tennessee state..they got two wins last week, and those games haveeearned junior guaad dylon 3 player of theeweek aaard...thee cardinal gibbons ppoduct &paveraged 20 point 5 ppints ann poursttals n wins ovvr canisiuu and siennaa. & ong-time lakers owner jerry 3 kidney failuue...busssowned the lakers since 19-79 and turned them iito the wwnningess franchise in the leaaue...his teams won 100nba championships and e wass inducted intt he pro basketball hall of fame in 2010...jerry buss dead at the aae of 80... 3 thaa's all for ssorrs unlimited...i'm bruce &pcunningham....
Feb 2, 2013 6:00pm EST
. police say mark hasse was gunned down by one, or perhaps two, shooters. they said he was fearless. >> he ran across the baddest guys in this part of the world. >> reporter: prosecutor of 30 years, in dallas, before moving to nearby kaufmann county where he never backed down. >> there's no reason to believe that there wouldn't be someone out there that might have an ax to grind. >> reporter: a local attorney tells abc that he claimed that he was recently threatened and left the courthouse daily with his gun drawn. but a district attorney says that's not true. >> he would have let somebody know. >> reporter: he's making a pledge now to honor the man known for putting others away by not letting this one get away. mark greenblatt, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to mark tonight. >>> still much more "world news" ahead this tonight -- the new science, the reason why you lose memories while you sleep. >>> and praying for your super bowl pick. will it really make a difference? >> thank you, jesus. >> hey, everybody. >> jesus. >> new numbers out tonight, do americans really believe faith will h
Feb 2, 2013 5:30pm PST
a small army of investigators working seven days a week. police say mark hasse was gunned down by one, or perhaps two, shooters. right next to the courthouse. his boss told abc news that he was fearless in putting the worst bad guys behind bars. >> he ran across the baddest guys in this part of the world. >> reporter: prosecutor of 30 years, in dallas, before moving to nearby kaufman county where he never backed down. >> there's no reason to believe that there wouldn't be someone out there that might have an ax to grind, but certainly this carries it to an extreme. >> reporter: and only deepening the mystery, a local attorney tells abc that he claimed that he was recently threatened and left the courthouse daily with his gun drawn. but the district attorney says that's not true. >> if he was getting any kind of threat, he would let somebody know so we could do something about it. >> reporter: he's making a pledge now to honor the man known for putting others away by not letting this one get away. mark greenblatt, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to mark tonight. >>> and there's still
Feb 1, 2013 5:30pm PST
hasse handled organized crime cases in dallas and kaufman counties. detectives are now poring over his files looking for leads. the u.s. embassy in ankara turkey, came under attack today. a suicide bomber blew himself up at a security checkpoint. a turkish security guard was also killed. the white house quickly called it a terrorist attack and holly williams is in the turkish capital tonight. >> reporter: the explosion rocked the quiet embassy district in turkey's capital. this shaky mobile phone footage shows the confusion in the immediate aftermath as bystanders rushed in to help the injured. the suicide bomber only got as far as the embassy's outside perimeter, stopped by turkish guards, he detonated his explosive device, killing himself and one of the guards. the blast was powerful enough to rip this heavy security door off its hinges and send debris flying, injuring several other embassy staff members. this woman, a turkish journalist, was seriously hurt. the american ambassador, francis ricciardone, visited the hospital where the casualties were treated and praised the security g
Feb 14, 2013 8:00pm PST
. or the raucous crowd at hass pavilion. gary's has the highlights and the rest of the sports. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. kermanelementary school is suppose to be the place where we mold our children into model citizens that's the preciption now the reality. this is colonial acres elementary school in the cherryland section of hayward where at the beginning of the school year parents were given instructions one was not to use the school parking lot in fact there is a sign in english and in spanish that reads "staff and handicap parking only no student drop or pick up" but i watched as numerours parents totally ignored the rules and
Feb 2, 2013 10:00pm EST
. ooj devvloped a-lls years ago but it hass't slowed him down. p3 p---sots (2) 2008 and 2011) p"tere's no time for that... - pity to action!" 3 [[2](wwder shot) "the journey -3&psince my diagnosee has bben challenging.. chhllenging.. o.j. nd his wifeechandra ave allo launched 'the brrganne brigade', a non-profit grouu & whicchhelps those wwthha-l-s -3&& iin eeuipment and services. 3 and for morr interviews with -3 the players and storiessfrom behind tte scenes.....just head to fox baltimore dot com 3 ride" anner at the top of the pcreen..ou can also click on "harbaugh versus harbaugh""to fiid a page dedicateddto supee bowl 47.we have all the information leaddng p to bowlssits all at fox baltimore dot com. 3 & 3 we have breaking nnws - tooight out of canton where a huge sectiin of newkirk street has colllpped witt a massive break.. tte pressure from thee & rushed out of the pipp.. it's estimated to be one huudred feet long and about 25 feet widd. the maii break is baltimore fire station ngine fifty anddsections of thee 3 pteeee
Feb 16, 2013 10:00pm EST
, canadd is either a environmental disaaser in &pwaating to the liies his world hass everrseen.[michael marx ]in 16:49 "ttat decision leads us off a climate cliff aad that cliff is goong o bee - tt be hugely dangerouss"trt=:08 [pipeeine layering ovvr "117,00o jobs"]kill the trans canaddan pipeline, and proponents say nearly 20 thoosand new u-s jobs will go &down theetubes along with the uniied states..[take sot chrissopher prandoni] in 32:15 "this issnot some random arbitrary piieline. we have beee oinn this for years, foo hundreds of years and these pipelines haveeppoven to be sstble, sturdy wwys of transporting the oil that everyonn needs and consumes.""- trt:14 [pppeline viddo]okay not hundreds of years, ut ou & get the poiin. for deeades, - ool ipeliies have 3 docuuenned contaminatioo and few, and far etteen.[tar sands viddo]the oil is simply too exxensive to leave in the ground aad ttere's a growingg 3 american petroleum institute that if not by a nearly 2--- thoosand mile pipeliie then -3 most ceetainlyytte oil will find itt way in
Feb 2, 2013 5:00am PST
. >> donors have raised nearly $65,000 to help capture hasse's killer or killers. >>> in illinois, a convicted killer mistakenly released is back behind bars this morning. stephen robins was supposed to be transferred from chicago back to the indiana prison where he is serving a 60-year sentence. investigators aren't saying what led them to robins hiding spot. >>> to sports now and new york yankees star alex rodriguez, facing new allegations that he has been using performance-enhancing drugs. earlier this week he was linked to a miami clinic that dispensed banned substances. he got personal attention from the head of the clinic and that he actually injected rodriguez himself. a-rod spokesperson says this is not true. these allegations made back last year. remember, he admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs ten years ago. >>> speaking of doping, commissioner roger goodell says he expects the league to begin testing for human growth hormone next season. details of the appeals process are still being worked out. goodell said yesterday in his annual state of the nfl address in new orleans t
Feb 20, 2013 6:00am EST
remaans the voice recognitioo sttnd-out.(sot: into youu iphone and hass accesssto much more of your - personal information. and that'ssan edge hat none of the othee apps can really compete wth."(vvo)tyllr & agrees.(sott tylee carfii "where's he nnarest coffee phop?"(sot:: iri)"i have oond 14 coffee ssops. fiveeof them are fairly close to you.. coming p in ouu 7 o'clock -& p3 the cash keeps coming!we're giving wwy 110 more doolars... in oor "ffeebruary" -3 conteet.youu chhnce to wii... ps happening sometiie in the patccinn fox 45 morniig news.. allllocal.. all morning. 3 ((break 8)) hey, what are you drinking? i'm drinking dunkin'. i'm drinking dunkin'. i'm just in love with the flavor. i get mine black. i don't want to take away from that pure taste. so smooth, no bitterness. it's awesome. there's no other taste like it. america runs on dunkin' coffee. 3- 3 ccught on cammrr... a driver & runs over a man in tte middle oo the road.what the victtm was dding in tte ssreet....and the reason the driver wonnt be - chhrged. 3 hello i need some ciireetess cigr
Feb 3, 2013 3:00pm PST
may help track down the killer of a texas assisted d.a. 57-year-old mark hasse was gunned down thursday near the kaufman county courthouse. his boss hopes to encourage someone to talk. investigators are pouring over his caseload, searching for clues to a possible motive. >>> new details about the missing american woman whose body was found yesterday in istanbul, turkey. police cesar rye sierra died of a blow to the head. the 33-year-old mother of two also had stab wounds. police are detaining at least nine people in connection with the case. sierra was reported missing after failing to board her flight home on january 22nd. >>> police in alabama want to end that hostage situation that martin just reported about quickly and peacefully to rescue that little boy. next, we'll talk with a man who knows how this is done. and later, we'll take you inside that bunker. a man who knows the suspect talks with cnn. ♪ alright, let's go. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ we, we chocolate cross over. ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [ male announcer ] int
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Feb 19, 2013 12:00am PST
. they are letting them ditch class to practice witch craft. the university of missouri hassed ad -- has added wiccan religions to help them schedule exams and other student activities. it includes things like chinese new year and mainstream holidays like christmas, hanukkah and channing-tatum's birthday. while not taken seriously the school hasn't received complaints about it and many have found it, quote, useful and informational. we track down a typical wiccan ceremony. >> we are getting letters from wiccans now. is this a big deal or a huge deal? >> i am totally in favor of this. we have all admitted that college is a waste of time. it costs a lot of money, and you are there and learning 3w* sexual liberation and canadian fiction, and you are bankrupting yourself doing it. you may get more from lighting candles. it may be more beneficial in the long run. >>> immogen, the american identification survey showed roughly 700,000 americans say they are wiccan or neo pagan. why not include their holidays in a guide? >> that and let's face it. a lot of these holidays were matched up to holidays that alre
FOX News
Feb 1, 2013 10:00pm PST
the baltimore ravens and the san francisco 49ers? an nfl coach who know hass it takes to win a super bowl is here to talk about that. plus you don't have to wait until is sunday. get your first look at the super bowl ads, coming up. [ metal rattling ] ♪ boo! i am the ghost of meals past. when you don't use new pam, this is what you get. residue. [ female announcer ] bargain brand cooking spray leaves annoying residue. that's why there's new pam. [ female announcer ] bargain brand cooking spray leaves annoying residue. we've dided to we're all having such a great year in the gulf, put aside our rivalry. 'cause all our states are great. and now is when the gulf gets even bett. the beaches and waters couldn't be more beautil. take a boat ride or just lay in the sun. enjoy the wildlife and natural beauty. and don't forget our amazing seafood. soome to the gulf, you'll have a great time. especially in alabama. you mean mississippi. that's florida. say louisiana or there's no dessert. brought to you by bp and all of us who ca the gulf home. >> greta: we just had a terrorist hit on one of our
Feb 6, 2013 9:00pm PST
to him hass tracked his every move. his last known location about 90 miles from the hunt. critics of the hunt say the lone wolf can easily travel the distance and be mistaken for a coyote during the contest. >> th is legit ma concern journey could be killed by an overzealous coyote hunter. >> they need the hunt to proceed because coyotes are nuisance. >> they cause 65% of the predator loss to livestock in california and about $4 million a year for cattle and about $1.3 million for sheep. so it as serious economic loss. >> the commission couldn't really stop this hunt because it wasn't on the agenda. but the state agreed to have wardens present. >> our department will be advising the hunt promoters and the hunters on the day of the event that the grey wolf is a state and federally protected animal and that the shooting of a wolf would be a violation of such law. >> reporter: the hope is journey will stay alive to find a mate especially now since it is prime wolf mating season. other wolfs who aren't on radio monitors occasionally wander into california. >> he is looking for love ri
Feb 7, 2013 10:00pm EST
being out of state. our investtgatton hass fouud cases not only in montogomery and howarddand ballimore counties. just last peek, ggng membees were in ptowson caahing chhckk stolen - from women in howard coonty. in harford county... we founn a bank" that's gone aa far as posting a fraud alert on its not only does it identify the & gang as seeking out local -3 victims... it explains how it's happening...and ways to 3 as placc your purse in the trunkif possibbe just leave your credit cards and id at home.never leave yoor car idding ann unattended.ann bee -3 the parr is safe area we want it toobe we certainly & hope it would be but people -3 just think this on't happen - to hem beeause it's a park. but it's that ulnerability -3hookins says of bbing somewhere serene that ttese criminalsprey on. in harford couuty nnws at ten. two... months ago,.../ 10--peeple... identified... as... members... of the ... "felonn lann"... gann ../ were... indicted.. indicted..they faced federall chhrges in harrisburg 3 3 immortaliiing ray lewis
Feb 8, 2013 10:00pm EST
very short sightee when it omes to & development, t hass essentially given away a huge part of ts tax base."earlier this week mayor stpehanie rawlings released a bleak report on city financee3306:10 "the financcillforecast teels us we need toodo moreeand we - plan to do more>"it projeets $750 million dollars in - deficits over the next ten - yeerss:52235"our property tax reveeues have been dropping.. but hen ii comes to tax breaks for development, thee 02:30:15"you can go arounn the 3&pyou will find very ffw &pbuudings that reeievd eether a pilot or some osrt oif pbattmeet.""n fact, he mayor recently rollld out a plan to expand tax aaatements for major apartmenttbuildiigs.and pox 45 obtained this internal report which revealle the city & has givve $$14 million dollars & of development projeccs in the -3& not only adding toothe citys current fiscal oes but continue to row.12:31:46"the -3 city has been geared for governing on a basis of pooiticcl pressure from developers."an expense thaa may now e too costlyyto ignore 2:30:28"it's a zero sum game."
Feb 20, 2013 10:00pm EST
to - these twwomanufacturers. the ponsumer product safety commission told consumer reports it hass"an pen -& investigation into the afety - inccuding microwaves." if you &phaveea probbem with your microwaae, unplug it and get aa technician in to ook attit. and it's a good idea o kknw whhch circuit brraker turns oof the microwave in case of an emerggecy.((ttm on cam)) whirrpool... which owns kitchenaid... says it has not &pbben able to verify a iigle microwave. g-e told consumer repprtt thaa it "has investigated unverified reports of 'self-start' aad found them to constitute product quality, not product safety, concerns. many have 3 'self-starts' at all." if you're &p 3 ...and coming up in jjst 5 edittonn.. 33nat soond::i'm trying o call 3 cigarettes. çdispatcherÑ - helll! (woman) i need some -3 cigarettes... what address are you at? uh..." fit.wwaa happened to the woman ill-advised call to 9-1-1 33 and weatherman passes out on live -vwhy it appened andd 3& a viial dance sensation hits harlem shake... omorrow 3 a 14-yearyear-old high schoollbasketball layerrfrom
Feb 25, 2013 10:00pm EST
. 3 fire in p-g county.....hass claimed another life. maaing the deeah toll four.11 year year oldddaijah price died from the fire thursday morning wiihoot a pulse, and wass revived aa the hoopital.butt-3 killed herrfaahee and two younger sisters. her mother and anotterryounger & sisttr surviiee. the cause of that firr is believed to be electrical. 3 some... & former graas... are suing... system.... &pto... eep the doors... f... a... city school... open. thh... northweetern hiig school... alumni association... claims... phe ciiy's... 10 year plaa... p that phaass oot... northwestern---/ is... based on... inaccurate infoomation.../// the city... conductee an assessment... a... few... & years ago--/ claiming... 48... million dollarr....woold 3&pnorthwestern....//but... & some,,, of the - renovationn,,, have... been completed,,,/// - making... the assesssent,,, grossly inaccurate,,,..///. within,,, the nextt30 ays,,, ,,a,,
Feb 26, 2013 5:00pm EST
happened. hass mad crews arrived-- hazmat crews arrived here when several people began to feel sick inside that keswick building. >> reporter: one by one, employees in the keswick south building, are loaded into ambulances. 17 people rushed to area hospitals, after suddenly becoming ill. >> trouble breathing. unknown cause of the illness at this time that is under investigation. the hazmat crew of the city fire department has been performing sweeping of the building. hundreds of employees were immediately evacuated. some didn't want to go on camera. >> the announcement came over the p.a. system, telling everybody to evacuate the building. >> we kept hearing sirens, coming and going. and my manager came in a little later. like 10:00, 10-ish. and she said, what's all the sirens, all the ambulances out front for? and next thing you know, they made the announcement for everybody to vacate the building. and we have been out here for 40 minutes. >> reporter: it's sil unclear what caused -- still unclear what caused the illness. >> we checked for c
Feb 21, 2013 6:00pm EST
and expressed hope his record a public service will factor into his sentencing. jesse hass out that's serious health issues. many of you know about them. we're going to talk about the extensively with the courts. those health issues are directly related to his present predicament. that is not an excuse, that is a fact. jesse has turned the corner there as well, and i think there is reason for optimism here, too. i would say we are hopeful and we expect that there will be fairness in the process for person was contributed so much to his community, though -- done so much for some of people, would, and should, get credit for it. >> jesse jackson jr. will be sentenced in june. he faces up to five years in prison under his plea deal. the pentagon has launched a probe into recent magazine interview with the navy still reportedly killed osama bin laden. speaking to us or magazine, the unidentified seal clancy lost medical benefits for himself and his family after recently leaving the navy. the article quotes him saying -- he goes on to use an expletive to describe the navy's attitude toward his well
Feb 25, 2013 10:00pm EST
wore and created pysis, protect your shoes in style for women who don't want the hassing of lugging around their rubber rain boots. >> you can -- hassle of lugging around their rubber rain boots. >> you can take them off and carry them. >> the boots go right over the shoes you're wearing. they're stylish and comfortable providing even more stability than wearing your heels alone. >> i like them a lot. i wore them over high heeled boots and jeans and they were much more comfortable than my big clunky rubber boots. >> at $165 a pair they're a bit pricey, but those who like them say they're worth the splurge. protecting your have. in your shoes, allowing you more choices in bad weather and a stylish solution to an ever present problem, that's why we think pysis could be the next great thing. who doesn't love sharing a meal with friends, right? but this dinner is different. these people had never met before tonight. welcome to feastly. >> i'm a marketplace connecting cooks and eaters. >> denny harris' business partner had his aha moment when he information guatemala eating his -- he was
Feb 13, 2013 6:00am EST
illegal guns and laurie hass whose daughter was shot in the virginia tech shooting. thank you both for being here with us. what was it like being in the chamber last night listening to the president make this call for an up-or-down vote and remembering what you went through, remembering what your daughter experienced? how difficult was that? >> it was -- it was difficult. it's such an inspiration to see our president taking such a forceful stand and calling for something that is long overdue since virginia tech, since columbine, since long ago. this issue has required action for a long time. i'm so inspired to see our president demanding that from congress. >> what about you? >> i think it was remarkable. i think it is an acknowledgement on the president's part that the country is ready for this. americans -- every american across the land wants to prevent gun violence in their community n their home or in their school. so the moment was key. i think it was inspirational as stephen said and the time is now. it's -- there's been too many deaths. >> there have been a lot of deaths bu
Feb 20, 2013 11:35pm PST
are getting. >> like the rookie hazing. >> jimmy: did you get it hassed in the fe in the nfl? >> i had to buy donuts for the team, equipment guy, coaches, trainers, up front, and 12 dozen bagels, 12 dozen donuts. three dozen muffins and juice. lawrence taylor used to make me find prune juice. >> jimmy: what? where can you find prune juice? >> up at 6:00 in the morning. i got to get the prune juice, he will kill me if i don't. >> jimmy: god only knows what he was up to with that prune juice. you know? i can't even imagine. you -- well, the oscars, you have been to the espys before, right? >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: just like that. instead of ray lewis you have daniel day-lewis. basically the same thing. i think you are going to enjoy it your first time. >> i think i will enjoy it. i am nervous about the questions on the red carpet. i get somebody coming in, nervous they're up for an oscar they don't know if they're going to win or not. kelly is doing backstage after. she gets them where they get champagne and kind of drunk and have a trophy in their hand and happy. so i don't know. i don't know
FOX News
Feb 1, 2013 12:00pm PST
description. >> what's unusual, shep, is that hasse's family said he didn't fear for his life. there was nobody out there who was trying to get him. >> shepard: they're looking through all his past cases, i'm sure. >> look. this is a guy who was a top notch prosecutor. there's a lot of guys in his files who wanted to do him in. his colleagues are combing through the files trying to figure out who wanted him dead. police are gathering security camera video from all over the region to try to figure out before and after the fact if there might be video tape, surveillance video, in the days before the attack in which it was preplanned, in which they were looking for this guy. >> shepard: greg jair jarrett wl stay on tnch the former new york city mayor who embodied the swagger of the big apple died this morning. ed koch was 88. according to his spokesman, mayor koch did not suffer when he died this morning of congestive heart failure. his death marks the end of a colorful loy and career in which he became a symbol of the city, one that he loved and lifted up when it was falling apa
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